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Animal Scoops is friendly, reliable and honest pet waste removal company.  Conveniently located in Encinitas, California we travel around San Diego to  keep your lawn clean for your family to enjoy all year round.

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It’s time to take back your backyard! If you don't have time to pick up your yard regularly, don't worry! Schedule a visit, and we'll have the yard clean by the time you get home from work!

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The products we use at Animal Scoops are simple and environmentally friendly. All of our products are biodegradable. We use paper bags, not plastic. In addition, we sanitize and clean the whole yard.

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Animal Scoops offers services to multifamily properties all throughout San Diego County including: Home Owners Associations, Apartment Complexes & Condominiums. 

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Encinitas, Imperial Beach, La Jolla, Leucadia,  Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Solana Beach and Vista California

About Animal Scoops

about animal scoopsI am a California native who was born in Encinitas. I have had a love for animals my entire life. I always knew that one day I wanted to have my own business that had something to do with animals. I came up with the idea for Animal Scoops after realizing people young and old, healthy and sick could use help with cleaning up after their pets and I am just the man to do it. My passion for animals and the joy I get from helping others is what led me to start Animal Scoops. I married my beautiful wife in Encinitas and she is an Encinitas native who loves animals too.

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